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FL 112 > Freightliner > Hoods

Part Number: L0660B

Brand: Freightliner

Year: 1997 and up.

Shipping Weight: 250 lbs.

Length: 52"

Freightliner FL 112 Hood.
Cab type FL.
Round headlight.
Separate side marker light.

FLC 112 > Freightliner > Hoods

Part Number: L0160C

Brand: Freightliner

Year: 1989 and up.

Shipping Weight: 295 lbs.

Length: 51"

Freightliner FLC 112 Hood.
Set Back Axle.
Four headlights.
Will replace two headlamp hood, with purchase of four headlight units from Freightliner.

FLD CLASSIC 120 & 132 > Freightliner > Hoods

Part Number: L0560A

Brand: Freightliner

Year: 1991 and up.

Shipping Weight: 404 lbs.

Length: 61"

Freightliner Classic 120 Hood.
Looks like 132 but 12" shorter.
Turn signal on top o Fender.
Set Forward Axle.